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"the most innovative fitness center"

“Music and Metals” takes great pride in being an innovative fitness center offering a wholesome fitness with the best training.

We offer Personal Fitness Training for EVERY member with 24×7 Diet Consultation and monitoring for lifetime. All these at zero additional cost.

Our Motto is “To touch every individual’s life in every positive way and guide them to live a life full of happiness, health and smiles”

Celebrate Life, Live Beautiful
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What we offer?


What’s at Music and Metals?

Endurance build

body building

fat loss

body toning

post pregnancy toning

fat burners

weight training


zumba & aerobics


army style

functional training

We also deal in supplying gym equipments, accessories and setting up corporate, clubhouse and home gyms

our uniqueness

Management with about two decades of experience in Fitness

We don’t train you just to be physically fit but shape your overall personality

Our USP is Personal Fitness Training for every member by Certified Trainers and or with 10+ years of experience

24×7 Diet consultation and monitoring for lifetime

95%+ members here achieve their fitness goals. Close to 100% customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)

We are one of the top rated fitness studios in Bangalore

We don’t depend on equipments and machines but TRAINERS.

ALERT!!! We have no fancy equipments but only result oriented training

Our workout floor is full of positive energy and motivations

& we have loads of fun…

Chit chatting in our stress buster Whatsapp Group

Diet Watchman Group

Regular Group Outings

Birthday  celebrations

Festival celebrations


Regular competitions & Sessions like Squadron, CrossFIT, Monsoon Buddy, FATburners, Ms.Music and Mr.Metals 

Award for Target Achievers and Competition winners

Sunday Funday Games

(Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Cycling, swimming, etc)

Pep talks, Walk and Talk 

Sports Day

Morning Jogs

Mid year and Annual celebrations

Farewell party

Badminton Club (BCMM)

BCMM squad at the badminton court

our gym timings

Monday   ›   Saturday

Morning »   6 am to 11 am

Evening »   5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Sunday   ›  FUNday activities

& During Pandemic, we make sure that there are only max 10 members at any time. 


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“Your Body is the Manifestation of your Mind”

NO Crash Dieting, NO Supplements, NO Celebrity nor Exotic Diets but with simple, regularly available homemade food. 

We don’t provide customized diet chart but will guide you to understand the science and logic for achieving your fitness goals and to sustain it forever in life.

Some of our Achievements

Weight Loss

8 kg in 3 weeks
9.5 kg in 1 month
15 kg in 2 months
16 Kg in 4 month
25 Kg in 6 months
5 inches Waist : Hip in 2 weeks
11 inches Waist : Hip in 3 months

Relief from

Thyroid disorder
Stress & Depression
Lower Back Pain

Body Building/Toning

Trained Mr. India Semifinalist
Transformations from FAT to Six packs

Weight gain

12 Kg in 4 months
18 KG in 12 months


Training via Real Life Size Big Screen

Clipart girl dumbell workout watching trainer on screen

When Covid hit, we persisted our way through and sustained. We understood that the only way to reach out to larger audience and transform them is through digital enablement. 

At the gym, our training is purely based on the Trainer-Trainee engagement and our success is not just because of our workout & diet know-hows, but how well we understand the pulse of every member who walks into our center.

We make sure that every member at Music and Metals get special attention and training customized to their fitness goals and thoroughly monitored at every instance of their fitness journey.

In the process, we have been building a Fitness Family.

Pandemic paved way for further innovations at Music and Metals. We figured out that digital MONITORING in REAL-LIFE SIZE is the key.

For the first time ever

Unlike the usual online training offered by many, we wanted to make sure that we are different, innovative, result oriented and in the journey, members experience the exact personal training of  working out at a gym. And this is possible only if we can see you and monitor you on a Life-Size Big Screen and thus “oGAAS”.

Read on, how oGAAS works…

All these at JUST the price of your one time pizza party pizza emoji

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